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What is slag powder

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Slag powder is also called slag powder, granulated blast furnace slag powder. Mineral powder produced in China is mainly used as a concrete admixture. It is produced by a professional factory. The price of fine ore powder is added to the concrete when the concrete is made, and the admixture is based on the cement quality in the concrete. Generally, part of gypsum can also be added in the production of mineral powder, based on SO3%, generally 2%. Heavy burnt magnesia manufacturers

Mineral powder can be further divided into ordinary mineral powder and superfine mineral powder. To distinguish by specific surface area.

Slag powder is a high-fineness, high-activity powder obtained by water-quenched blast furnace slag, dried, ground and other processes. It is a high-quality concrete admixture and cement admixture, and it is recognized worldwide for preparing high-performance concrete. Important material. By using granulated blast furnace slag powder, the compressive strength of concrete can be effectively improved and the cost of concrete can be reduced. At the same time, it has obvious effects on inhibiting the alkali aggregate reaction, reducing the heat of hydration, reducing the early temperature cracks of the concrete structure, improving the concrete density, and improving the impermeability and erosion resistance.

According to the national standard GB/T18046-2000, the mineral powder is divided into three grades: S105, S95, and S75, and the content of active calcium, silicon, aluminum and other inorganic substances is greater than 30%.

Ultra-fine slag powder can not only reduce the cost of 8-13 yuan per cubic meter of concrete, but also make the concrete have good mechanical properties, small and delayed hydration temperature peaks, and good volume stability.

Significant performance of granulated blast furnace slag powder:

1. Save 30-60% of cement consumption (including cement mortar) and reduce the cost of cement and concrete projects.

2. Pozzolanic effect, increasing concrete compressive, tensile, flexural and shear strength.

3. Significantly reduce the heat of hydration of concrete, improve the workability of concrete, reduce segregation and bleeding, reduce the temperature difference and internal stress of large-volume concrete, and inhibit cracks caused by temperature difference.

4. It can inhibit the alkali-aggregate reaction and significantly improve the ability of concrete to resist alkali-aggregate reaction.

5. It can exist in concrete in the form of micro-aggregates, improve the pore structure of concrete, refine and homogenize the pore size, and improve the impermeability, freeze-thaw resistance and durability of concrete.

6. It can significantly reduce the bleeding of cement concrete and improve the workability of cement concrete.

7. It can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of cement concrete against seawater and fresh water, and resist the corrosion of sulfate. Especially suitable for anti-sea water engineering, underground engineering and road engineering.

8. Under the condition of constant water consumption, plastic concrete can be prepared to avoid quality problems caused by dense steel bars and poor vibration. Under the same conditions, the concrete can be put into the mold in a fluid state, reducing the wear of the concrete pump body, pipeline and mold, and prolonging its service life.

9. It can be prepared for masonry, plastering cement mortar and low-grade cement. In the case of meeting the strength requirements, it can not only save 30-60% of the cement, but also improve the construction operability.

10. It is suitable for making environmentally compatible cement-based materials and admixtures for high-performance concrete.



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