• Mid-range magnesia 94

    Mid-range magnesia 94

  • High purity magnesia

    High purity magnesia

  • Fused Magnesia

    Fused Magnesia

  • Heavy burnt magnesia 92

    Heavy burnt magnesia 92

  • Heavy burnt magnesia 91

    Heavy burnt magnesia 91

  • Light burnt magnesia powder QM-95

    Light burnt magnesia powder QM-95

About us

Since the establishment of the factory in 1985, the company has gradually improved in the process of transforming from a township collective enterprise to a private enterprise. It has a one-stop production system of mining, sintering, processing, and smashing. The company has become increasingly powerful and has fixed assets of 100 million yuan. The company covers an area of 70,000 square meters and has more than 400 employees.


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Mobile: 15084042222 Chairman Zhu

Mobile: 13019619166 Former Manager


Address: Fanma Village, Mafeng Town, Haicheng City, Anshan City

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